The long-term priority of the Environment Unit is to improve knowledge about climate change adaptation and mitigation in Cambodia. On one level, our research seeks ways to reduce the impacts of climate change on livelihoods, while, on another, it attempts to tackle climate change by examining greenhouse gas emission mitigation options for various sectors particularly energy and agriculture. The aim is to deepen understanding of low-carbon development with a focus on hydropower and other renewable energy sources, national and transboundary natural resource governance, and sustainable management and use of natural resources through community-based stewardship and initiatives.

Environment Team

 • Chem Phalla, PhD, acting research director 
 • Sam Sreymom, research associate and acting unit head
 • Nong Monin, programme assistant
 • Ky Channimol, service provider

Ongoing Research Projects

  Research project

Funding source

Expected completion

  Agricultural Technology: Practice and Gaps
  for Climate Change Adaptation


December 2014

  Community-based Natural Resource
  Management (CBNRM)


December 2015

  Climate Change and Water Governance
  in Cambodia


December 2015

  China Goes Global: A Comparative Study of
  Chinese Hydropower Dams in Africa and Asia

ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council)

October 2015

  Follow up Study on the 2011 Nationwide
  Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Study on
  Climate Change in Cambodia (KAP2)

CCCA-Ministry of Environment

March 2015

  Community-based Disaster Management
  Plan in Rural Cambodia


February 2015


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