SONG Sopheak, PhD


Dr SONG Sopheak obtained both his MA and PhD in Education and Human Science from the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University, Japan. Before joining CDRI in October 2016, he undertook post-doctoral research at the Global Career Design Center and the Center for Research and Practice of International Cooperation in Science, Mathematics and Technology Education (SMATEC), both belonging to Hiroshima University. His research has focused on academic achievement, classroom teaching, teacher education, STEM education, industry-university linkages and TVET in Cambodia.



Song, S. (2012). Influences on Academic Achievement of Primary School Pupils in Cambodia, Excellence in Higher Education, 3(2), 79-87.

Abstract Employing education production function approach, this article investigates the influences of school and pupil background factors on academic achievement of primary school pupils in Cambodia. Based on achievement data of 1,080 Grade 6 pupils from one rural and one semi-urban area, the study reveals that school and teacher quality exerts a considerable effect on pupils’ performance. Teachers’ experience and teacher guides are positively correlated with academic achievement, while ...

Author: - September , 2012


Song, S. (2012). The Impact of Children’s Work on Basic Education in Cambodia: A Case Study of Angsnuol District. Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University, Part III, 61, 103-112.

Abstract The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between children's work and schooling in Cambodia. This study adopts an inclusive definition of children's work which also covers work in the home. In a questionnaire survey, which covered 460 children, the researcher collected information about their involvement in various kinds of work ranging from washing dishes to working in factories. Logistic regression and linear regression are used to estimate the impact of thos ...

Author: - September , 2012


Song, S. (2015). Cambodia teachers’ responses to child-centered instructional policies: A mismatch between beliefs and practices, Teaching and Teacher Education, 50, 36-45.

Abstract Cambodia and her international development partners have been promoting child-centered pedagogy for almost two decades. However, classroom instruction remains predominantly front-oriented and textbook-based. Drawing on questionnaire and interview surveys with primary school teachers in two districts of Cambodia, this study analyzes teachers' beliefs in and classroom implementation of child-centered pedagogy. It has found that teachers fail to adopt this new pedagogy in their clas ...

Author: - September , 2015


Cambodia Development Review – December 2017

CDR Volume 21, Issue 4 KhmerEnglish In this issue: Cambodian Higher Education Diversity: Towards Differentiation or Homogeneity?; Contextualising the Dual Vocational Education and Training System: A Review of Approaches and Challenges; Economy Watch and CDRI Update.

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