Development Research Forum Policy Briefs (2014)

Understanding SME Policy Environment in ASEAN (PB No. 7, November 2014, pdf 398kb)
Khmer Version (pdf 456kb)
Sustainable Forest Governance in the Asia-Pacific Region: Has REDD+ Adequately Addressed Drivers of Deforestation and Forest Degradation? (PB No. 6, August 2014, pdf 1,143kb); Khmer Version (pdf 754kb)
Strengthening Adaptation Capacity of Rural People in the Main Agro-ecological Zones in Cambodia (PB No. 5, Aug 2014, pdf 272kb); Khmer Version (pdf 412kb)
Supporting Local Post-fishery Reform Innovation: Lessons for Multi-stakeholder Dialogue (PB No. 4, May 2014, pdf 339kb); Khmer Version (pdf 454kb)
Gender and Water Governance: Reducing the Challenges to Women’s Participation in Irrigation Management in the Context of Climate Change (PB No. 3, 2014, pdf 174kb); Khmer Version (pdf 294kb)
Climate Change Adaptation and Livelihoods in Inclusive Growth: A Review of Climate Change Impacts and Adaptive Capacity in Cambodia (PB No. 2, 2014, pdf 183kb); Khmer Version (pdf 307kb)
Cambodia’s Agricultural Land Resources: Status and Challenges (PB No. 1, 2014, pdf 451kb); Khmer Version (pdf 460kb)