Policy Briefs 2011

14. Decentralised Governance in Hybrid Polity: Localisation of Decentralisation and Deconcentration (D&D) Reform in Cambodia (PB No. 14) English ( 177KB)   Khmer ( 307KB)

13. Evaluating Household Forest Dependency: A Case From Three Study Sites in Cambodia (English PB No. 13) ( 228KB)

12. The Impact of Irrigation on Household Assets (English & Khmer PB No. 12) ( Eng 695KB, Kh 426KB)

11. Demand Analysis Scenarios for Supporting Catchment Irrigation Management in Cambodia (English PB No. 11) ( 435KB)

10. Decentralised Governance of Irrigation Water in Cambodia: Matching Principles to Local Realities (English & Khmer PB No. 10) ( Eng 218KB, Kh 354KB)

9. Catchment Governance And Cooperation Dilemmas: A Case Study From Cambodia (English PB No. 09) ( 145KB)

8. Enhancing the Protection and Promotion of Migrant Workers’ Rights in ASEAN (English PB No. 08) ( 115KB)

7. What Limits Agricultural Intensification in Cambodia? The Role of Emigration, Agricultural Extension Services and Credit Constraints (English PB No. 07) ( 140KB)

6. Policy Coherence for Agriculture and Rural Development (English PB No. 06) ( 346KB)

5. Improving the Governance of Water Resources in Cambodia: A Stakeholder Analysis (English & Khmer PB No. 05) ( Eng 137KB, Kh 360KB)

4. Investigating Land Cover Change in Cambodia (English & Khmer PB No. 04) ( Eng 290KB, Kh 896KB)

3. The Value of Irrigation to Productivity in Cambodian Rice Systems (English & Khmer PB No. 03) ( Eng 229KB, Kh 368KB)

2. Public Expenditure Management and Accountability in Cambodia (Khmer only PB No. 02) ( 8,442KB)

1. Working with Hydrologiacl Knowledge of Catchments to Improve Irrigation Management (English & Khmer PB No. 01) ( Eng 475KB, Kh 660KB)