Message from the Executive Director

A warm welcome to our website. We hope you will enjoy browsing through our webpages and that you find the information you’re looking for. We appreciate user feedback and insight, so if you have any questions, suggestions, comments, concerns or compliments, please feel welcome to get in touch.

CDRI is getting ready to celebrate its 30th anniversary in June 2020. It has steadfastly maintained its status as a leading independent development policy research institute in Cambodia, the region and beyond.  Since its establishment, CDRI has earned a well-deserved reputation from academics, policymakers and development practitioners for high standards of rigour and integrity in its research. CDRI researchers take a multidisciplinary approach to research programs that span environmental and natural resource management, agricultural diversification and economic growth, rural livelihood improvement, good governance and citizen participation, regional trade and economic integration, education, training and skills development, public health, and the crosscutting themes of climate change adaptation, gender equality and women’s empowerment, social inclusiveness, and technology and industrialisation.

Researchers’ studies are peer reviewed, published in various publication types to suit different target audiences, and disseminated through research briefings, workshops and roundtable meetings to policymakers and influencers within government ministries, the private sector and civil society organisations, research and academic communities and made available to the general public on our website and via social media.

CDRI is a unique institution in Cambodia. We guard our independence fiercely yet have built effective and productive working relationships with various government ministries, including the ministries of Education, Youth and Sport, Agriculture. Economy and Finance, Labour and Vocational Training, Rural Development, Environment, Interior, Women’s Affairs, Mine and Industry, and Foreign Affairs, as well as the Council for the Development of Cambodia, Supreme National Economic Council, and the National Institute of Posts, Telecoms and ICT. Their ongoing support is an important factor in our success.

We are deeply grateful for the outstanding support and collaboration of our research and resource partners, especially the Swedish International Development Agency, International Development Research Center (IDRC), Canada, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, The Asia Foundation and the International Fund for Agricultural Development. We highly value our research collaborations with the United Nations Development Programme, Zurich University of Teacher Education, Mekong-Lancang Cooperation, Chicago University’s Centre for International Social Science Research, and the Royal Holloway University of London. Our thanks also go to a new partner, G Gear Group Co., Ltd, for its support in organising the high-profile annual Cambodia Outlook Conference. Their important contributions and continued cooperation are vital to CDRI researchers for conducting rigorous research-policy dialogues that can inform policymaking and professional practice.

The management team and researchers look forward to improving and expanding CDRI’s collaboration with like-minded research and development partners, government agencies, policy thinktanks, and civil society organisations in 2020 and beyond through long-term joint research programs. We are committed to continually strengthening CDRI’s institutional and research capacity, ensuring high quality research and analysis, and developing intellectual capital to support and foster a culture of research and scholarship in Cambodia.

We strive to forge policy research partnerships and collaborative research programs that address pressing concerns such as human security, climate resilience and environmental protection, sustainable and inclusive development, green growth, technology and innovation, multilateral cooperation and trade development, in line with CDRI’s mission and vision to contribute to Cambodia’s economic prosperity, Cambodians’ social wellbeing, and regional peace.

We wish you and your loved ones a safe, prosperous and exciting 2020.