Economic Lexicon

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Author: - October , 2006


SR 4C: Impact of High Food Prices in Cambodia

CDRI Special Report 4c English, 118 pp. Nov 2008 (Download)

Author: - November , 2008


WP 41: The Environmental Impacts of the ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement on the Greater Mekong Sub-region

CDRI Working Paper Series No.41. Khmer 90 pp. Oct 2009 (Download) English 70 pp. Apr 2009 (Download)

Author: - April , 2009


WP 48: Empirical Evidence of Irrigation Management in the Tonle Sap Basin: Issues and Challenges

CDRI Working Paper Series No. 48. English, 56 pp. Aug 2010 (Download) This paper was part of the Water Resources Management Research Capacity Development Programme (WRMRCDP). This research brought to light a number of issues to do with water management such as coordination between actors, both physical and economical scarcity of water, water allocation within and between spheres, farmer par ...

Author: - August , 2010


SR 5b: Sustainable Pathways for Attaining the Millennium Development Goals: Cambodia Case Study

CDRI Special Report 5b Khmer, 64 pp. Jan 2012 (Download) English, 64 pp. Nov 2010 (Download)

Author: - November , 2010


WP 90: ASEAN 2030: Growing Together for Economic Prosperity – the Challenges

Working Paper Series No. 90 English 36 pp. Jan 2014 (Download)

Author: - January , 2014


CDRI Publications Catalogue 2018

CDRI Publications Catalogue 2018 Click here to download

Author: - May , 2018