SILK ROAD FORUM 2018 on Belt and Road Initiative: Promoting Global Sustainable Development’ in Paris – December 7-8, 2018


  • CDRI’s research cooperation has evolved from national collaborations to include regional research cooperation.
  • China’s rapid growth and socioeconomic development has led to significant economic change and its greater involvement and influence in Southeast Asia and global political affairs.
  • Cambodia and China lack a platform for academic exchange and thinktank dialogue on the implications of China’s rise and development paradigm for Cambodia’s development.
  • The China Studies Centre provides a platform for Cambodia’s and China’s academia and thinktanks to leverage both countries’ foreign policies.


  • To become a high capacity, professional and influential centre for China studies in Cambodia


  • To provide research resources on China through the Centre’s library
  • To raise the profile of CDRI’s China Studies Centre as a major contributor to research and policy dialogue in Cambodia and China
  • To conduct high-quality policy research that is relevant to BRI and MLC
  • To enhance people-to-people connectivity through policy dialogue and research exchange

Scope of the Centre:

  • Resources: sustainable development initiatives and library
  • Research: implications of China’s investment and ODA in Southeast Asia in the context of BRI
  • Policy dialogue: consultation workshops, policy roundtables, research exchanges


Contact person :

   Dr PECH Sokhem

   Executive Director


   Dr ENG Netra

   Research Director