Empowering Women for Climate Resilience in Cambodia

Team leader: Mr NONG Monin

Project period: May 2017- April 2019

Funder: United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF)

Objective: Empowering 80 local women community leaders to better respond to climate change through capacity building on how to adapt to climate change, local adaptation assessment and planning, and how to access climate-related funding and information.

  • Collaborating institutions:
    • Cambodia Development Resource Institute,
    • Akphivat Strey (AS), Local NGO in Battam Bang province
    • Conduct 10 women’s climate change initiatives (WCCI) in 10 target communes
    • Conduct stakeholder consultation meeting at provincial levels
    • Organize meetings for Monitoring and Implementation of the Eight Women’s Climate Change Action Plans at the commune level
  • Planned activities for 2019:
    • Conduct stakeholder consultation meeting at provincial levels
    • Conduct PAR M&E and Final Report
    • Organize one-Day National Consultation on women’s influence on climate change policy and adaptation
    • Publish best practices of women’s climate change adaptation in the targeted communes documented and disseminated through participatory action research (PAR)

Contact person: Mr Nong Monin, Research Associate at the Environment Unit: monin@cdri.org.kh