WP 22
(22) Land Transactions in Cambodia: An Analysis of Transfers and Transaction Records
(pdf 235KB in English)
Download in Khmer (zip 690KB)
Chan Soplal and Sarthi Acharya (July 2002)
Working Paper 22 in English, 46 pp. / in Khmer, 50 pp.
WP 21
(21) Cambodia 1999-2000: Land, Labour and Rural Livelihood in Focus
(pdf 407KB in English)
Bhargavi Ramamurthy, Sik Boreak, Per Ronnås and Sok Hach (December 2001)
Working Paper 21 in English, 58 pp. (out of print, photocopies may be ordered) / in Khmer, 66 pp.
Download in Khmer (zip 692KB)
WP 20
(20) Social Assessment of Land in Cambodia
(pdf 407KB in English)
Download in Khmer (pdf 395KB)
So Sovannarith, Real Sopheap, Uch Utey, Sy Rathmony Brett Ballard and Sarthi Acharya (November 2001)
Working Paper 20 in English, 92 pp. / in Khmer, 108 pp.
Pages from wp23e
(19) Land Tenure in Cambodia: A Data Update
(pdf 560KB in English)
Chan Sophal, Tep Saravy and Sarthi Acharya (October 2001)
Working Paper 19 in English, 66 pp. / in Khmer, 76 pp.
Download in Khmer (zip 877KB)
WP 18
(18) A Study of the Cambodian Labour Market: Reference to Poverty Reduction, Growth and Adjustment to Crisis
(pdf 208KB)
Martin Godfrey, So Sovannarith, Tep Saravy, Pon Dorina, Claude Katz, Sarthi Acharya, Sisowath D. Chanto and Hing Thoraxy (August 2001)
Working Paper 18 in English, 55 pp. / in Khmer, 66 pp.
WP 17
(17) Technical Assistance and Capacity Development at the School of Agriculture Prek Leap
(pdf 231KB)
Chan Sophal and So Sovannarith with Pon Dorina (December 2000)
Working Paper 17 in English, 51 pp. / in Khmer, 66 pp.
WP 16
(16) Land Ownership, Sales and Concentration in Cambodia
(pdf 298KB)
Sik Boreak (September 2000)
Working Paper 16 in English, 52 pp. / in Khmer, 66 pp.
WP 15
(15) Technical Assistance and Capacity Development in an Aid-dependent Economy: the Experience of Cambodia
(pdf 564KB)
Martin Godfrey, Toshiyasu Kato, Chan Sophal, Long Vou Piseth, Pon Dorina, Tep Saravy, Tia Savora and So Sovannarith (August 2000)
Working Paper 15 in English, 135 pp. / in Khmer, 162 pp.
WP 14
(14) Cambodia: Enhancing Good Governance for Sustainable Development
(pdf 200KB)
Toshiyasu Kato, Jeffrey A. Kaplan, Chan Sophal and Real Sopheap (May 2000)
Working Paper 14 in English, 43 pp. (out of print, photocopies may be ordered) / in Khmer, 62 pp.
WP 13
(13) Seasonality in the Cambodian Consumer Price Index
(pdf 229KB)
Ung Bunleng (January 2000)
Working Paper 13 in English, 21 pp.
WP 12
(12) Impact of the Asian Financial Crisis on the SEATEs: The Cambodian Perspective
(pdf 470KB)
Chan Sophal, Toshiyasu Kato, Long Vou Piseth, So Sovannarith, Tia Savora, Hang Chuon Naron, Kao Kim Hourn & Chea Vuthna (September 1999)
Working Paper 12 in English 48 pp. / in Khmer 68 pp.
Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 4.29.37 PM
(11) Cambodian Labour Migration to Thailand: A Preliminary Assessment
(pdf 84KB)
Chan Sophal & So Sovannarith (June 1999)
Working Paper 11 in English 17 pp. / in Khmer 24 pp.
WP 10
(10) Gender and Development in Cambodia: An Overview
(pdf 243KB)
Siobhan Gorman, with Pon Dorina & Sok Kheng (June 1999)
Working Paper 10 in English 75 pp. / in Khmer 109 pp.
WP 09
(9) The UNICEF/Community Action for Social Development Experience: Learning from Rural Development Programmes
Teng You Ky, Pon Dorina, So Sovannarith & John McAndrew (April 1999)
EWorking Paper 9 in English 18 pp. / in Khmer 29 pp.
Download WP9 (pdf 211KB in English)
WP 08
(8) Cambodia: The Challenge of Productive Employment Creation
(pdf 295KB)
Chan Sophal, Martin Godfrey, Toshiyasu Kato, Long Vou Piseth, Nina Orlova, Per Ronnas & Tia Savora (January 1999)
Working Paper 8 in English 65 pp. / in Khmer 93 pp.
WP 07
(7) Interdependence in Household Livelihood Strategies in Two Cambodian Villages
(pdf 397KB)
John P. McAndrew (December 1998)
Working Paper 7 in English 98 pp. / in Khmer 139 pp.
WP 06
(6) Food Security in an Asian Transitional Economy: The Cambodian Experience
(pdf 411KB)
K. A. S. Murshid (December 1998)
Working Paper 6 in English 86 pp. / in Khmer 111 pp.
Download WP6 (pdf 411KB in English)
WP 05
(5) Regional Economic Integration for Sustainable Development in Cambodia
(pdf 639KB)
Toshiyasu Kato, Chan Sophal & Long Vou Piseth (September 1998)
Working Paper 5 in English 34 pp. / in Khmer 45 pp. (out of print, photocopies may be ordered)
Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 4.40.21 PM
(4) Learning from Rural Development Programmes in Cambodia
(pdf 268KB)
Chim Charya, Srun Pithou, So Sovannarith, John McAndrew, Nguon Sokunthea, Pon Dorina & Robin Biddulph (June 1998)
Working Paper 4 in English 72 pp.