WP 71: A Gendered Analysis of the Decentralisation Reform in Cambodia

Author: , , , - December , 2012

CDRI Working Paper Series No. 71.

Khmer, 48 pp. Dec 2013 (Download)

English, 48 pp. Dec 2012 (Download)

This study explored the space for women in Cambodia’s emerging local governance system. Two critical issues were empirically examined: female representation in the commune council and women’s political articulation and influence in local politics. The findings suggested that the reform had opened up the political space for women’s engagement in local politics, more women had taken positions as commune councillors, and deputy village chief or assistants, and more women’s issues had been addressed and funded. As a result there was more gender awareness among the rural population and more acceptance of women in local politics and the society. However, despite some steady progress, women’s representation, political articulation and influence in local politics was marred from progressing speedily, largely because there was a lack of commitment, especially of political parties, to translate their stated gender policies into practice.



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