ASEAN 2030: Growing Together for Economic Prosperity – the Challenges Cambodia Background Paper

Author: - December , 2016

Despite its characterisation in international development literature as a “post-conflict, aid-dependent, least developed country”, over the past two decades Cambodia has experienced sustained peace and stability, high levels of growth and remarkable socio-economic development. This background paper analyses Cambodia’s current economic and development conditions, defines a positive scenario for the country in 2030 and identifies the factors that will determine whether this scenario can be achieved. It uses SWOT (strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-
threats) analysis to gain insights into the major challenges Cambodia faces in achieving its aspirations and identify priority policy options for consideration.


Dr Chea Phal

Research Fellow

Dr Chea Vatana

Research Associate

HENG Sambath

Research Assistant

KEO Borin, MEc

(On study leave)


Senior Research Fellow

LENG Phirom, PhD

Research Fellow / Unit Head

TEK Muy Tieng

Research Assistant

YOU Saokeo Khantey

Research Associate