WP 87: Gatekeepers in Local Politics: Political Parties in Cambodia and their Gender Policy

Author: , , - January , 2014

CDRI Working Paper Series No. 87.

English, 44 pp. Jan 2014 (Download)

This study explored the general critical situations of women in relation to political parties in Cambodia by focusing on women’s access to decision making power and the practical mechanisms/policies of the parties on gender issue. The study showed that all political parties valued gender equality and tried to enhance the role of women in local politics, but not many political parties had a good policy and structure on gender. Given the party-list system defined in the electoral law, women were rarely ranked at the top of the electoral list since all the parties prioritised winning the election. All the parties had problems identifying qualified women to engage in politics. Female leaders faced problems and lack of decision-making power to articulate their role and responsibility. Political parties involved did not have explicit budgets on gender which posed real difficulties for policy implementation. Capacity building on gender was found to be entirely dependent on NGOs and remained limited.



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