International Journal: Assessing the Impact of District Primary Education Program in India

Author: - November , 2017

Abstract: We examine the impact of India’s District Primary Education Program (DPEP) introduced in the mid‐1990s. We exploit the fact that the DPEP was targeted towards primary school age children and was introduced in phases to different districts in India, and many of the districts never got the program to implement a difference‐in‐difference strategy to find the causal impact of the program on probability of attended primary school, probability of completed primary education and years of schooling. We find that the DPEP program increased the probability of attended primary school and completed primary school by about 2 percentage points. Similarly, the program increased the years of schooling by 0.16 years.

Location: Review of Development Economics 21, no.4: 1113–31.

Authors: Mehtabul Azam, Saing Chan Hang


OUCH Chandarany, PhD

Research Fellow / Unit Head

ROTH Vathana


SRY Bopharath

Research Associate

VEN Seyhah, PhD

Research Associate


PhD Student