WP 84: Sub-National Civil society in Cambodia: A Gramscian Perspective

Author: - October , 2013

CDRI Working Paper Series No. 84.

English, 28 pp. Oct 2013 (Download)

The paper investigated sub-national civil society from the Gramscian perspective to supplement the existing model. Gramsci’s concept did not apply to some cases where the subnational state and civil society cooperated on a win-win basis. Subnational state’s behaviour was rather heterogeneous, permitting space for some civil society groups to operate more freely in some locations and at some levels (especially the commune and village tiers). Beyond the findings, the research proposed that in the context of the dominant state, it was time for subnational civil society to re-define itself from being completely ‘autonomous’ (as characterised by the liberal perspective) from the state but yet remain engaged with it, in working to instigate change from within.



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