CDRI   (2005)

The Cross-Border Economies of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam

The theme focuses on regional and cross-border trade and trade-facilitation policy, structure and conduct of both formal and informal trade and the impact on household welfare, especially of those living along the border zones. 

CDRI   (2003)

Off-farm and Non-farm Employment in Southeast Asian Transitional Economies and Thailand

This study examines the status and growth of non-farm and off-farm activities in Southeast Asia and their potential to provide employment in rural areas. Based on countryspecific field studies, each country team looks at the scope and diversity of small and medium-scale off-farm and non-farm activities and their market linkages, and puts f...

SARTHI Acharya   (2001)

Labour Markets in Transitional Economies in Southeast Asia and Thailand: A Study in Four Countries

The research examines links between the labour market, economic growth and poverty reduction; assesses the impact of internal and external crises on the labour market; and reviews existing policies that affect the labour market.