In 2017-18 the unit made stride towards achieving its strategic research goals. The participatory action research and policy dialogues conducted made significant contributions to strengthening local capacities for sustainable natural resources management, climate resilience and disaster reduction; building the research skills and knowledge of counterparts in government and nongovernment and community-based organisations; and enhancing local women’s leadership to address the challenges of climate change.

Under the Sida-funded five-year program Improving Climate Change Adaptation and Natural Resource Governance in Cambodia, the first study Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) aims to identify the critical factors contributing to the successful mainstreaming of DRR initiatives in local development and planning, and the most suitable institutional arrangements and policy responses for supporting implementation of local DRR integration efforts. The project is expected to conclude in June 2018, before moving on to the second project, which aims to explore how current institutional arrangements and local resource mobilisation can ensure the success and sustainability of community-based adaptation. Another focus of this project is how social protection, as well as social institutions, can enhance local adaptive capacity to both socioeconomic stresses and climate change.

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