To support RGC’ education reform agenda and priority, CDRI has also started a research project on Cambodia’s skill development and education reforms in mid-2014. The key objective of this project is to produce CDRI’s flagship volume on the theme Cambodia Education 2015: Employment and Empowerment for March 2015 release. The volume analyses the potential for anchoring Cambodia’s education for the employment of its youth and the empowerment of its people, and identifies the strategic priorities and policy options that would be crucial for realising that potential. As a preview to the volume, in August 2014 CDRI released a Working Paper titled Cambodia’s Skill Gap: An Anatomy of Issues and Policy Options.

The collaborative work on these two initial policy research  products, and the associated consultation and collaboration with relevant key relevant stakeholders have provided a solid foundation for a more ambitious longer term programme that locates and builds expertise within key Cambodian institutions, and lays the groundwork for long term institutional collaboration. Against this background, it is timely to instigate a multi-year research and policy dialogue programme.


CDRI proposes to implement a 5-year education policy-research programme called the “Research and Policy Dialogue Programme on Cambodia’s Education Reforms”. The programme is to be implemented during 2014-18 with a two-fold objective: to produce rigorous policy-relevant research products, and to contribute to evidence-informed education reforms. Two of the major areas for research and policy dialogue during this five years period will focus on Professional Education and Training (PET, formerly TVET) and Higher Education.


Education Team

 • Khieng Sothy, PhD, research fellow and unit head
 • Leng Phirom, PhD, research fellow
 • Chuong Chantha, research associate
 • Tek Muy Tieng, research assistant
 • Chea Singhtararith, service provider


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