Impact of High Food Proices in Cambodia



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Impact of High Food Prices in Cambodia (For full details please download - pdf 178KB)

Chan Sophal

Like many other countries, Cambodia in 2008 has experienced soaring prices, especially of fuels and food, pushing year-on-year inflation above 20 percent during March–August. Food prices increased by 36.8 percent, followed by a 27 percent increase in transportation and housing materials (Figure 1). This inflation is mainly caused by rising world and, to some extent, local demand, while supply is contracted or more costly due to increasing fuel costs. In this situation, the Cambodian economy has received both negative impacts on consumers and opportunities for producers to earn more.

High inflation impacts more severely on the poor. The prices of all varieties of rice, the staple food, jumped by 100 percent between March–July 2007 and March–July 2008. Meat prices increased by 50–70 percent, while fish ......


Impact of High Food Prices in Cambodia. Please download - pdf 202KB)