CHHEM Rethy, MD, PhD (edu), PhD (his)

Honorary Visiting Fellow

Dr Chhem Rethy is the Executive Director of the Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI), a leading think-tank in Cambodia and the ASEAN region. He is a medical doctor, biomedical scientist, science diplomat, historian of medicine, and educationalist, with experience in global health policy and ASEAN higher education. Rethy taught radiology at various universities in Canada, Singapore, Japan and Austria for 28 years. He was the Chairman of the Medical Imaging Department at Western University (Canada) before joining the International Atomic Energy Agency as Director of the Division of Human Health (2008-14). Rethy holds an MD, a PhD in Education and a PhD in History, has published more than 100 scientific articles, and edited 17 textbooks on radiology, radiology education, paleoradiology, philosophy of medical imaging and radiation sciences, with two on the Fukushima nuclear accident. He is currently a distinguished visiting professor at the Atomic Bomb Disease Institute, Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Fukushima Medical University.


Cambodia Development Review – December 2017

CDR Volume 21, Issue 4 KhmerEnglish In this issue: Cambodian Higher Education Diversity: Towards Differentiation or Homogeneity?; Contextualising the Dual Vocational Education and Training System: A Review of Approaches and Challenges; Economy Watch and CDRI Update.

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