Our History

The Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI), Cambodia’s leading independent development policy research institute, is a unique organisation with a special history.

In May 1990, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers approved the establishment of CDRI and mandated Mme Eva Mysliwiec to work closely with Cambodian officials to map out the priorities and programs. Keen interest and wide support, combined with a strong sense of urgency, were expressed at all levels of government for CDRI to provide resources and strengthen skills for macroeconomic management, development planning and aid management.

In March 1991, CDRI was officially endorsed by the Council of Ministers as a locally-based, autonomous, non-profit training and resource institute, working under the tutelage of the Ministry of Planning. The government demonstrated its commitment to CDRI by donating premises and by seconding two senior officials from the Ministry of Planning and the Council of Ministers.

As Cambodia has developed, CDRI has also changed. To complement its achievements and development needs, the government issued Royal Subdecree No. 94 dated 6 December 2000 to establish CDRI as a private non-profit institute, the activities of which are recognised by the government as providing services to the public to enhance human resource development in Cambodia and undertaking research and analysis to contribute to the formation of policies and strategies for the country’s sustainable development.

Mr Larry Strange was appointed CDRI Executive Director in 2003 after Eva Mysliwiec, the founding Director, stepped down from her position. Dr Chhem Rethy was appointed in 2014 when Larry Strange concluded his term. Dr Pech Sokhem served as the Executive Director from March 2020 to January 2021. Dr Eng Netra has been selected and appointed as the Executive Director from 01 September 2021 until the present.

CDRI has been instrumental in training human resources for the government of Cambodia, building capacity and enabling officials at all levels to absorb, negotiate and manage the international aid effort since the signing of the peace agreement on 23 October 1991. Twenty-five years later, this support continues to bear fruit and has become a core resource in shaping and influencing the governance of Cambodia and its development.