Environment Projects


Lead researcher: Mr OUCH Chhuong Project period: 2017-2018

Lead researcher: Mr NONG Monin Project period: 2018-2019

Lead researcher: Mr CHHIM Chhun Project period: 2018-2019

Lead researcher: Mr NONG Monin Project partners: 1) Akphivat Strey; 2) Children and Women Development Center in Caambodia; 3) Ponlork Khmer; 4) Women Organization for Modern Economy and Nursing Project period: 2017-2019

The project aims at empowering 80 local women community leaders to better respond to climate chan

This 3-years (2015-2017) project was funded by International Water Management Institute (IWMI) which is a research center and leads the CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystem (WLE). The project is constructed with five inter-connected components: 1). Good Governance in the Mekong; 2). Mekong Governance Opportunities; 3). Vision for Mekong Governance; 4). Women in Mekong Governance; and 5). Mekong Governance Outside of Government.

This 5-years (2016-2021) project was funded by Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) with the focus on three different themes: 1). Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction; 2). Community-based adaptation; and 3). Natural resource governance.