Impact of Climate Change Programs in Cambodia: Vulnerability, Poverty and Gender

Team leader: Dr CHEM Phalla

Project period: June 2018 – December 2021

Funder: United Nations Development Program, Bangkok Regional Hub

Objective: measuring the impacts of climate change program through collaborating with the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD). Specifically, the project will assess the impacts of the two projects: (1) improved access to climate resilient rural road in Kampong Cham Province and (2) improved access to clean water in Kampong Thom Province.

  • Collaborating institutions:
    • Cambodia Development Resource Institute,
    • Climate Change Working Group of the Ministry of Rural Development,
    • Department of Climate Change (Ministry of Environment),
    • United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Cambodia and UNDP Bangkok Hub,
    • Related provincial departments in Kampong Cham and Kampong Thom Provinces,
    • Communities and beneficiaries of the two provinces,
    • Commune councils and relevant Non-governmental organizations
  • Progress status:
    • Formalization and mobilization of research team,
    • Formation and formalization of the Steering Committee (co-chaired by MRD and CDRI),
    • Development of the ToR for steering committee members,
    • Project document review and development of key questions for field reconnaissance in the study sites in Kampong Cham and Kampong Thom Province,
  • Planned activities for 2019:
    • Inception workshop
    • Development and submission of inception report and research framework
    • In-depth study

Contact person: Dr LONN Pichdara, Research Fellow at the Environment Unit: