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Annual Report 2019-20

Annual Report for 2019-20 Download 

- March , 2020


A Review of Data Used in Education Research

Chea, P. (2019). A Review of Data Used in Education Research: Focus on Empirical Studies in Developing Countries (Discussion Paper Series. No. DP2019-27). Research Institute for Economics & Business Administration, Kobe University Abstract: This paper intends to review education-related datasets, including data from household surveys, learning assessments and field experiments, publicly available for researchers and students interested in conducting education research. It also present ...

Author: - March , 2020


Does Higher Education Expansion in Cambodia Make Access to Education More Equal?

Chea, P. (2019). Does Higher Education Expansion in Cambodia Make Access to Education More Equal? International Journal of Educational Development, 70, 102075. Abstract: This paper provides empirical evidence on the trends of how demand-side factors predict the probabilities of enrollment in higher education in Cambodia between 2004 and 2014, using nationally representative household survey data with multinomial logistic regression approach. The findings suggest that higher education expa ...

Author: - March , 2020


School Finance in Cambodia

Ashida, A. & Chea. P. (2017). School Finance in Cambodia: Challenges and Recommendations for Effective School Grants Implementation. In UNESCO Bangkok (Ed.), Ensuring Adequate, Efficient and Equitable Finance in Schools in the Asia-Pacific Region. (pp. 83-103) Abstract: The study examines the education financing systems at primary school level in Cambodia, providing an overview of school financing pattern, practices and issues, and policy options to strengthen management and performan ...

Author: - March , 2020


Cambodian Academics: Identities and Roles

Cambodian Academics: Identities and Roles Download 

Author: , , , - February , 2020