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The Political Economy of Primary Education Reform in Cambodia


This paper examines the quality of primary education provision in Cambodia using a ‘political settlements’ framework developed at the University of Manchester. The framework characterises Cambodia as a ‘hybrid’ settlement with a weak dominant party and predatory administration, albeit with some islands of administrative effectiveness. Such states can achieve developmental progress in circumscribed areas with multi-stakeholder support, but more wide-ranging, top-down reform ...

Author: - September , 2017


Leng, P. (2013). Foreign influence on Cambodian higher education since the 1990s. Mind & Time, Special Issue 2013/2014, 1-29.

Abstract This study examines how foreign influence has affected the Cambodian higher education system following the country’s adoption of a free market economy with multiple party politics over the past two decades. Examining various sources, the study has found that during the first half of the 1990s, foreign influence took two major forms: (1) the adoption of educational reforms initiated by international organizations, and (2) foreign assistance which comes with conditions. After the i ...

Author: - September , 2017


Leng, P. & Pan, J. (2013). The issue of mutuality in Canada-China educational collaboration. Canadian and International Education, 42(2), Article 6, 1-16.

Abstract This paper examines the power relationships in two major Canada-China university linkage programs which ran between 1989 and 2001: the Canada-China University Linkage Program [CCULP] (1989-1995) and the Special University Linkage Consolidation Program [SULCP] (1996-2001). The study adopts the cosmopolitan concept of mutuality as a theoretical lens and employs the analytical method of constant comparison of qualitative data to explore the context surrounding the mutuality evidence ...

Author: - September , 2017