WP Goverment-102
(102) Social Accountability in Service Delivery in Cambodia
(pdf 410KB in English)
ENG Netra, VONG Mun and HORT Navy (June 2015)
Working Paper 102 in English, 64 pp.
(101) A Rights-Based Approach to Development: A Cambodian Perspective
(pdf 337KB in English)
OU Sivhuoch (April 2015)
Working Paper 101 in English, 32 pp.
(100) Agricultural Technological Practices and Gaps for Climate Change Adaptation
(pdf 388KB in English)
Khmer Version (pdf 648KB)
SAM Sreymom with OUCH Chhuong (March 2015)
Working Paper 100 in English, 48 pp.
cover wp99e
(99) Public Spending on Education, Health and Infrastructure and Its Inclusiveness in Cambodia:
Benefit Incidence Analysis
(pdf 807KB in English)
PHAY Sokcheng and TONG Kimsun (December 2014)
Working Paper 99 in English, 40 pp.
Pages from wp98e
(98) Cambodia’s Skill Gap: An Anatomy of Issues and Policy Options
(pdf 646KB in English)
Srinivasa MADHUR (August 2014)
Working Paper 98 in English, 37 pp.
(97) Methods and Tools Applied for Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment in Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Basin
(pdf 651KB in English)
Kim Sour, Dr Chem Phalla, So Sovannarith, Dr Kim Sean Somatra and Dr Pech Sokhem (August 2014)
Working Paper 97 in English, 56 pp.
(96) Cambodian State: Developmental, Neoliberal? A Case Study of the Rubber Sector
(pdf 425KB in English)
Kim Sean Somatra and Hort Navy (August 2014)
Working Paper 96 in English, 34 pp.
(95) Impact of Farmer Organisations on Food Security: The Case of Rural Cambodia
(pdf 545KB in English)
Theng Vuthy, Keo Socheat, Nou Keosothea, Sum Sreymom and Khiev Pirom (August 2014)
Working Paper 95 in English, 69 pp.
(94) The Enduring Gap: Decentralisation Reform and Youth Participation in Local Rural Governance
(pdf 578KB in English)
HENG Seiha, VONG Mun and CHHEAT Sreang With the assistance of CHHUON Nareth (July 2014)
Working Paper 94 in English, 41 pp.
(93) Adaptation Capacity of Rural People in the Main Agro-Ecological Zones in Cambodia
(pdf 2,211KB in English)
NANG Phirun, SAM Sreymom, LONN Pichdara and OUCH Chhuong (June 2014)
Working Paper 93 in English, 46 pp.
Pages from wp92e
(92) Links between Employment and Poverty in Cambodia
(pdf 378KB in English)
Phann Dalis (June 2014)
Working Paper 92 in English, 27 pp.
(91) Initiative on The Role of Fertilisers and Seeds in Transforming Agriculture in Asia
Development of the Fertiliser Industry in Cambodia: Structure of the Market, Challenges in the Demand and Supply Sides, and the Way Forward
(pdf 6,880KB in English)
Theng Vuthy, Khiev Pirom and Phon Dary (April 2014)
Working Paper 91 in English, 45 pp.
Pages from wp90e
(90) ASEAN 2030: Growing Together for Economic Prosperity – the Challenges Cambodia Background Paper
(pdf 515KB in English)
January 2014
Working Paper 90 in English, 27 pp.
(89) Gender and Water Governance: Women’s Role in Irrigation Management and Development in the Context of Climate Change
(pdf 701KB in English)
NANG Phirun and OUCH Chhuong (January 2014)
Working Paper 89 in English, 43 pp.
(88) Impact of Decentralisation on Cambodia’s Urban Governance
(pdf 504KB in English)
CHHEAT Sreang (January 2014)
Working Paper 88 in English, 31 pp.
(87) Gatekeepers in Local Politics: Political Parties in Cambodia and Their Gender Policy
(pdf 404KB in English)
KIM Sedara and Joakim ÖJENDAL with the assistance of CHHOUN Nareth (January 2014)
Working Paper 87 in English, 33 pp.
Pages from wp86e
(86) Anatomy of Higher Education Governance in Cambodia
(pdf 392KB in English)
SEN Vicheth and ROS Soveacha with the assistance of HIENG Thiraphumry (December 2013)
Working Paper 86 in English, 25 pp.
(85) 20 Years’ Strengthening of Cambodian Civil Society: Time for Reflection
(pdf 875KB in English)
Ou Sivhuoch and KIM Sedara (October 2013)
Working Paper 85 in English, 23 pp.
(84) Sub-National Civil Society in Cambodia: A Gramscian Perspective
(pdf 682KB in English)
Ou Sivhuoch (October 2013)
Working Paper 84 in English, 18 pp.
Pages from wp83e
(83) Levels and Sources of Household Income in Rural Cambodia 2012
(pdf 603KB in English)
Tong Kimsun, Lun Pide and Sry Bopharath with the assistance of Pon Dorina (August 2013)
Working Paper 83 in English, 48 pp.