Working Papers   127

De-framing STEM Discourses in Cambodia

Published: 02-Jun-2021
Keyword: STEM, STEAM, Cambodia, higher education, interdisciplinary approach, liberal arts, ASEAN
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This qualitative study examines the development of STEM programs in Cambodian higher education, using as its theoretical framework Chesky and Wolfmeyer’s (2015) concept of an integrative STEM education, which highlights the intersections between purpose, pedagogy and content. The teaching of STEM in Cambodia remains discipline-based, dominated by teacher-centred approaches and lacking real-world experience. Outdated course content and uncritical adoption of foreign curricula with little consideration for local context have resulted in a disconnection between pedagogy, content and mission. Cambodia needs to develop its own STEM education model, moving beyond the utilitarian policy discourse to embrace broader dimensions of human development.

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