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What Makes Academics (In)active in Higher Education Internationalisation: Evidence from Cambodia

Published: 27-Nov-2023


This study explores the international engagement of academics and the factors influencing their engagement in internationalisation efforts in Cambodian universities. Data were gathered through online semi-structured interviews with academics and university administrators and later coded and analysed using reflexive thematic approach. The findings revealed that academics predominantly participate in outbound capacity development, with limited engagement in joint research projects and the internationalisation of curriculum and teaching. At the individual level, factors such as competencies, networking opportunities, sense of belonging, employment nature, and demographic attributes were found to influence the engagement in internationalisation. Additionally, institutional leadership, policies, human resources, and institution type were key institutional factors shaping their engagement. For effective promotion of engagement in internationalisation, greater commitment and support from the government and universities are crucial. This paper provides valuable insights into the experiences of Cambodian academics, contributing to the limited literature on higher education internationalisation in developing countries.

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