CHEA Sathya

Research Fellow

Sathya is currently a research fellow at the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation. He previously worked as a senior research specialist at Save the Children International in Cambodia and the dean of the Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science at the Cambodia University of Technology and Science. He holds a PhD in Education from the Education University of Hong Kong and a Master of Science in Education from Northern Illinois University on a Fulbright scholarship. His areas of research interest include higher education and employability, student motivation and engagement, and student academic achievement.

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CHEA Sathya

Working Papers 124

Modernisation brings new economic and social challenges around the globe. In this era of the knowledge economy, knowledge and skills have become valuable assets for national development. Many countries have been working out how best to enhance their knowledge and skills pool. Focus has recently turned to competency-based training (CBT), which is be...

This project is part of Education Development Trust (EDT)‘s multi-year research program aimed at improving the overall understanding of the impact of Gender Responsive Pedagogy (GRP) and its potential to improve learning outcomes for both boys and girls. In the first year (2022), CDRI, in partnership with EDT conducted a research study on "Students...