Dr CHOI Seonkyung

Visiting Fellow

Seonkyung Choi is an Assistant Professor at the Global Career Design Centre, Hiroshima University. She lectures on career development and its design to help strengthen students’ preparation for their further careers. She was previously a researcher at Hiroshima University’s Centre for the Study of International Cooperation in Education and a part-time lecturer at Konan Women’s University. Her current research looks at the labour market outcomes (employment, wages, decent work) of Technical and Vocational Education, especially secondary vocational education, in various countries including Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam the Philippines and soon also Cambodia and Laos, with an emphasis on gender and regional differences. Her principal research method is to determine causal inference using econometric analysis of large data sets. In addition, she is starting to investigate the role of non-cognitive skills in labour market outcomes, and how these skills can be enhanced, including through a research project in Indonesia on the relationship between lesson study and lower secondary students’ non-cognitive skills. She publishes regularly in major journals and serves also as a peer reviewer for journals including Sustainable Science, Sustainability, and the International Journal of Educational Development. She has presented her work at conferences in Japan and internationally, including at the Comparative and International Education Society in the US, and has also commentated at several academic conferences including the Japan Society for International Development and Japan’s International Development and Education Forum. She holds a PhD in Regional Cooperation Policy Studies and an MA in Economic Development and Policies, both from Kobe University, Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies.

Email : skchoi@hiroshima-u.ac.jp

CHOI Seonkyung