Dr KHOEM Koembuoy

Research Associate

Dr Khoem Koembuoy joined CDRI in 2023 as a research associate. She obtained her master's and doctoral degrees in Agricultural Sciences from the Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences, Nagoya University, Japan. Her research focus is on the mechanism of flowering in cultivated strawberries. Her research study results have been published in three papers. Before joining CDRI, she worked as a long term-consultant at an international development organisation and has capitalised on several How to-Guide booklets. She is involved in projects related to vegetable production in Cambodia and gender issues in climate change. Currently, she is involved as a research associate and team leader in the Co-adaptive Management of Forest Landscape through Forest Smart Technology (CAMForSMART) project.

Email : koembuoy.khoem@cdri.org.kh

KHOEM Koembuoy

Climate resilient water safety planning (WSP) has commenced in Cambodia, and new guidelines have been developed by government agencies to inform and guide climate-resilient water resources management and water security. These two new guidelines have been developed by the Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology & Innovation (MISTI) and the Ministr...

CDRI research team works together with national universities, governmental institutions and NGO/CSOs in both Cambodia and Lao PDR to develop a research proposal applying for EXPLORE Research grant on forest landscape governance.​ The proposed research title is “Co-adaptive forest management through climate-smart technology and communal social capit...