Former Director

Dr Nhim Tum has been working as a research fellow in the Centre for Natural Resources and Environment (CNRE) since July 2021. He has extensive experience designing and leading various interdisciplinary research projects on water governance, climate change adaptation, WASH, food security, digital economy, and economics of natural resources management. He completed his doctorate in Environmental Economics and Natural Resources at Wageningen University (Netherlands) after graduating with an MSc. in Natural Resources and Environment from Michigan State University (United States), and an MSc. in Hydrology and Hydrogeology from Uppsala University (Sweden).

Email : tum.nhim@cdri.org.kh


International Publications

Voluntary contributions to public goods are vulnerable to free riding. A potential solution is the implementation of a costly institutional arrangement that deters free riding behavior. In this paper, we analyze to what extent resource users are willing to bear those costs and vote in favor of costly institutions. We carried out lab-in-the-field ex...

International Publications

To accelerate progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal on clean water and sanitation, the focus of WASH programming in developing countries has shifted from a traditional infrastructure approach to a more systems-based approach. Greater emphasis on a systems approach has also drawn attention to the significant role played by loca...

This study hypothesizes that the reason for Cambodia’s moving toward a more fossil fuel-based energy could be due to the misperceptions or underestimated co-benefits of renewable energy in relation to the associated costs. If the support for renewable energy depends on the framing, then public support for renewable energy from both policy makers an...