Dr Nhim Tum has been working as a research fellow in the Centre for Natural Resources and Environment (CNRE) since July 2021. He has extensive experience designing and leading various interdisciplinary research projects on water governance, climate change adaptation, WASH, food security, digital economy, and economics of natural resources management. He completed his doctorate in Environmental Economics and Natural Resources at Wageningen University (Netherlands) after graduating with an MSc. in Natural Resources and Environment from Michigan State University (United States), and an MSc. in Hydrology and Hydrogeology from Uppsala University (Sweden).

Email : tum.nhim@cdri.org.kh


This proposed project will run for two years from June 2019 to May 2021. The study will be conducted by a research consortium comprised of institutions from Cambodia, China, Laos (PDR), Thailand, Vietnam, which all of these countries are Lancang-Mekong country members. Following are the research questions developed to tackle the objectives of t...