Dr SONG Sopheak


Dr Song Sopheak is Director of the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation of CDRI. He joined CDRI as a research fellow in October 2016 after undertaking post-doctoral research at the Global Career Design Center of Hiroshima University. He is currently leading a long-term research project on technical and vocational education and training with a focus on workforce development and employer engagement. He also manages several research projects on higher education in Cambodia. His research has focused on teaching and learning, workforce development, vocational and professional education, and university-industry linkages. Dr Song holds a PhD in Education and Human Science from Hiroshima University, Japan.

Email : sopheak@cdri.org.kh

SONG Sopheak

International Publications

STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education is attracting increasing public interest and policy attention and being promoted at different educational levels in Cambodia. The study seeks to identify factors associated with Cambodian university freshmen’s choice of STEM major and how significant associations differ by gender and un...