Dr TONG Kimsun

Former Senior Research Fellow

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TONG Kimsun

Working Papers 64

Environment and poverty nexus is still a polemical issue. Some schools of thought claim that it is poverty that has the major effect on the environment, while another perspective suggests that the environment has more impact on the poor than vice-versa because the poor have no power to exploit the environment. In the context of Cambodia, there is a...

Working Papers 57

This paper is based on data from 220 selected households surveyed during 2008-2010 and is intended to shed some light on the relationship between irrigation and household assets such as durable assets, livestock, farm equipment, cows and buffalo, and pull/plough animals. Since irrigation is widely seen as being an endogenous variable, the Instr...

Working Papers 56

This paper attempts to define the factors which determine emigration and rice doublecropping, i.e. rice cultivation on the same plot twice per year, by rural households in Cambodia, and investigates whether these decisions influence each other using data from a two-period panel survey of 231 households in three provinces in rural Cambodia. In t...

Cambodia Development Review 14 - 2
TONG Kimsun   (2010)

Cambodia Development Review 8 - 4
TONG Kimsun   (2004)

Cambodia Development Review 8 - 3
TONG Kimsun   (2004)

Cambodia Development Review 8 - 2
TONG Kimsun   (2004)