Higher Education Policy Research & Influencing in Cambodia

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Project Description

The “Higher Education Policy Research & Influencing in Cambodia” was one of the major programmes implemented by the Education Unit of the Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI). Receiving financial support from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), the three-year programme aimed to produce independent, objective, high quality policy-relevant higher education research, maximise the accessibility of this knowledge to policymakers, influencers and stakeholders, and its policy impact, and make a significant contribution to Cambodia’s national educational development. The three core components of the programme included research, capacity development and policy dialogues. 

A total of 5 studies on topics related to higher education development were implemented in order to produce independent, objective, and high-quality policy-relevant research outputs. They were: 1)  STEM Studies for Labour Market; 2) Diversity and Typology of Universities in Cambodia; 3) Research and Academic Career; 4)  Internationalization of Higher Education; and 5) Governance and Financing Higher Education. 

Project Objective

The objectives of the CDRI-Australian Aid Partnership 2015-18 are: 

  1. To undertake policy-relevant research to inform, support and influence the reform of higher education in Cambodia 
  2. To produce high quality accessible user-friendly policy research products to fill knowledge gaps and provide evidence for sound policy-making on higher education reform;
  3. To establish collaborative partnerships for policy dialogue and research between CDRI, relevant government agencies and higher education institutions, the private sector, and other major stakeholders in higher education reform
  4. To build the knowledge, skills and research capacity of CDRI and its Higher Learning Hub (HLH) as a centre of excellence in higher education policy research and capacity development for academic leaders;
  5. To establish mutually beneficial links between CDRI and its programme partners.

Start Date : 15-Dec-2015
End Date : 11-Jan-2019




Cambodia Development Review 20 - 3

Student Engagement in STEM Education: Global Trends and Implications for Cambodia

Cambodia Development Review 19 - 4

A Brief Review of Cambodian Higher Education

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