Baseline Survey for Socio-Economic Impact Assessment: Greater Mekong Sub-Region Transmission Project

Author: - December , 2016

This research project is the first baseline socioeconomic survey conducted by CDRI for the Greater Mekong Subregion Transmission Project of the Asian Development Bank. It was designed to develop a set of comprehensive baseline demographic, social and economic as well as energy consumption indicators for the project. The tools for data collection were village and household surveys in 27 villages, 17 potential project beneficiaries (treatment group) and 10 non-beneficiaries (control group). Propensity score matching was used to predict the probability of household participation in the two groups.


BONG Angkeara

Research Associate

HENG Sambath

Research Assistant

KEO Borin, MEc

(On study leave)


Senior Research Fellow

LENG Phirom, PhD

Research Fellow / Unit Head

SONG Sopheak, PhD

Research Fellow

TEK Muy Tieng

(On study leave)

YOU Saokeo Khantey

Research Associate