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Job Prospects for Youth, Low-skilled and Women Workers in the Greater Mekong Subregion

Author(s): ROTH Vathana

Published: 01-Mar-2019
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This publication is a collection of 11 original research papers on six themes: earnings inequality; labour market regulation and wage setting; safety nets for low-income, low-skilled workers; private sector engagement in skills development; implications for labour market policies and institutions of the ASEAN Economic Community; and strategies to scale up investment in programs that support decent job creation and skills training for young people. These themes cover crucial aspects of the labour market in the region and for the target groups. 

The research projects explored and documented trends and policy reforms affecting low-skilled and young workers’ wage or job prospects in terms of labour force participation, wages, gender wage gaps and women’s engagement in wage labour. The action research projects included evaluation of labour standards compliance, innovative business programs, and new business practices.

This collection of research studies provides detailed and comprehensive findings which have important implications for research, policy and practice in the region.

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