Centre for Policy Research in Agriculture and Rural Development

The Centre for Policy Research in Agriculture and Rural Development (CPARD) is committed to carrying out cutting-edge, evidence-based, policy-relevant research focusing on Cambodia’s agriculture sector. We bring a wealth of expertise and experience to all our research activities which are locally and internationally acknowledged for their rigor. Our experienced researchers with expertise in agricultural economics, applied economics, and economic development develop and apply innovative quantitative and qualitative tools to study numerous critical issues in the field of agriculture, including nutrition and food safety, agricultural value chains, agricultural sustainability, agricultural development, and rural livelihood improvement. Our dissemination efforts target policy makers, development partners, and research community through publications, seminars, workshops, conferences, and dialogues. Having partnerships with government agencies, local and international think-tanks, and other research institutes, we hope to make a meaningful contribution to a sustainable future of Cambodia’s agriculture and improve the well-being of people residing in rural communities.

Effect of Labour Movement on Agricultural Mechanisation in Cambodia

This paper looks at the effect of labour movement on farm mechanisation in rural Cambodia. The study focuses on labour movement from on-farm towards off-farm jobs, and uses investment in agricultural machinery as a proxy for farm mechanisation. Statistics show that in recent years there has been a huge outmigration from rural areas. This has had significant impacts on farming practices across the...

Impact of Farmer Organisations on Food Security: The Case of Rural Cambodia

This study assesses the impact of participation in farmer organisations (FOs) on the food security of rural households in Cambodia. The study was started in November 2010 and completed in June 2012. The study set out to: (1) examine the roles, operations and challenges of FOs in improving household food security; (2) analyse the household characteristics that determine participation in FOs; (...

Development of the Fertiliser Industry in Cambodia: Structure of the Market, Challenges in the Demand and Supply Sides, and the Way Forward

Agriculture plays a crucial part in Cambodia’s economy, accounting for about 27.3 percent of GDP in 2010. The sector engages at least 59 percent of the economically active population, and over 90 percent of the population lives in rural areas where agricultural activities remain the primary source of livelihood. Agricultural growth, on average, was about 4.6 percent per year over the period 1994–2...

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