Centre for Development Economics and Trade

The Centre for Development Economics and Trade (CDET) conducts applied and policy researches focusing on Cambodia’s economy, trade and regional cooperation. We monitor Cambodia’s economic management and performance; provide evidence-based economic policy analysis; and engage in local and regional dialogues to inform policymaking. Our research has a strong link to national policies, particularly the Rectangular Strategy (Phase IV) and the National Strategic Development Plan (2019-23). Specifically, we contribute to two pillars of the NSDP: Economic Diversification, Private Sector and Market Development; and Sustainable and Inclusive Development. Our delivery mechanism includes policy and academic research, capacity building, knowledge dissemination and sharing, and policy influence and outreach. Our research agenda falls within five broad development areas: economic development, focusing on sustainability and inclusion; trade and regional cooperation; private sector development, focusing on small and medium enterprises; employment and employability, with a cross-cutting theme on gender and youth; and data for research and development (D4RD). We have extensive experience on regional cooperation and research projects, working with think tanks and research institutes in ASEAN and the Mekong region. The Greater Mekong Subregion Research Network (GMS-Net) is an example of such collaboration.

TONG Kimsun   (2011)

Migration, Remittances and Poverty Reduction: Evidence from Cambodia

This study utilises the national representative household survey data, Cambodia Socio-Economic Survey (CSES) 2007, to examine the impact of internal and international remittances on poverty, measured by the poverty ratio, poverty gap and squared poverty gap. The result shows that both internal and international remittances reduce the amount, depth and severity of poverty. Remittances have a larger...

Irregular Migration from Cambodia: Characteristic, Challenges and Regulary Approach

Migration via irregular channels has been the most popular option for Cambodian workers seeking jobs abroad as it is widely regarded as relatively secure, convenient and cheap. But some migrants face abuse and exploitation while others become victims of human trafficking. Irregular migration raises serious issues about the protection and management of migrant workers in both sending and receiving...

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