Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

The Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) conducts quality research focusing on education and training in Cambodia and the region to generate knowledge based on data and evidence through rigorous qualitative and quantitative analyses. Based on the generated knowledge, the centre promotes policy dialogue among national and international researchers, policymakers, and practitioners through dissemination workshops and policy dialogues at national and regional levels. CERI also provides training opportunities to its partners and junior researchers as a part of its capacity-building programme. With the financial support from development partners and technical support from an advisory committee, the centre works closely with government agencies, educational and training institutions, civil society organisations (CSOs), and other relevant stakeholders to realise its aims to bring about solutions and innovation in education and training.

The Political Economy of Primary Education Reform in Cambodia

This paper examines the quality of primary education provision in Cambodia using a ‘political settlements’ framework developed at the University of Manchester. The framework characterises Cambodia as a ‘hybrid’ settlement with a weak dominant party and predatory administration, albeit with some islands of administrative effectiveness. Such states can achieve developmental progress in circumscribed...

Anatomy of Higher Education Governance in Cambodia

Higher education plays a fundamental role in enhancing the intellectual capacity essential to creative leadership in all fields of national activity and in providing a skilled workforce able to respond to changing labour market demands. All citizens, and particularly the poor, need the opportunity and the skills to participate productively in the labour market and other economic activities.Improvi...

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