Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

CERI is dedicated to conducting high-quality research with a primary focus on education and training in Cambodia and the region to generate knowledge from qualitative and quantitative analyses rooted in data and evidence. Utilising the knowledge we generate, the centre actively facilitates policy discussions between both national and international researchers, policymakers, and practitioners through a series of workshops and policy dialogues held at both national and regional levels. In pursuit of our objectives, CERI maintain close collaborations with government agencies, educational and training institutions, civil society organizations (CSOs), and other pertinent stakeholders. This collective effort is to foster innovation and implement effective solutions in education and training. CERI's core activities revolve around research, capacity development, and policy engagement. Currently, our key areas of focus for research encompass educational technology, skills development, the advancement of quality education, and the promotion of inclusive education, spanning from K12 to higher education.

A Path Analysis of Cambodian Faculty’s Research Intention: Focusing on Direct and Mediating Effects at Individual Level

Intention to engage in research activities has probably been one of the least investigated concepts when it comes to literature on relationship among research attitudes, research behaviors and research outputs. Only few studies in the past drew on the Planned Behavior Theory to explore how research intention mediates between certain antecedent variables and research performance. Extending the pr...

The Political Economy of Primary Education Reform in Cambodia

This paper examines the quality of primary education provision in Cambodia using a ‘political settlements’ framework developed at the University of Manchester. The framework characterises Cambodia as a ‘hybrid’ settlement with a weak dominant party and predatory administration, albeit with some islands of administrative effectiveness. Such states can achieve developmental progress in circumscribed...

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