HING Vutha

Research Fellow (On Study Leave)

Mr Hing is Cambodian and holds a Master’s in International Trade Law and Policy from the University of Barcelona, Spain, and another Master’s in International Economics from Waseda University, Japan. He is a research fellow and head of the Economics Unit. His 12 years’ experience in research have centred on a number of development themes especially international trade, labour markets and migration. In recent years, he has written many articles on ASEAN economic integration, including: “Cambodia and Its Region – Challenges and Choices”; “Cambodia’s Preparedness for ASEAN Economic Community 2015 and Beyond”; “Leveraging Trade for Economic Growth in Cambodia”; “ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 2015: What Does it Mean for Cambodia’s Economy and for Business?” and “Harnessing the AEC for Industrial Development”. In addition, he is currently working in partnership with the Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Associations (CAMFEBA) to develop AEC Guide for Business in Cambodia. He is also engaged in various migration studies including Causes and Consequences of Irregular Migration in Cambodia; Impacts of Migration on Well-being of Children Left Behind; the Impact of Migration on Poverty, Inequality and Productivity Policy Priorities for Better Managing Migration in Cambodia; and Interrelations between Public Policies and Migration in Cambodia.

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HING Vutha

Working Paper 119

This paper maps Cambodia’s participation in Electronic and Electrical (E&E) value chains using trade statistics. It also conducts SWOT analysis based on both qualitative and quantitative data from a E&E firm survey, from which three major conclusions are drawn. This paper argues that E&E production in Cambodia has expanded rapidly with countries in...

Working Paper 81
HING Vutha   (2013)

This paper attempts to answer three important questions: (1) Why does trade matter? (2) Whyis trade vital for Cambodia’s growth? (3) What policy priorities for Cambodia will make tradework for economic growth?  First, trade matters because it increases growth. Openness to trade affects growth by: allowing a country to exploit its comparativ...

Cambodia Development Review 17 - 1
HING Vutha   (2013)

Working Paper 76
HING Vutha   (2013)

This report presents new work on the impacts of the global financial crisis on the rural labour market in Cambodia. The analysis uses a combination of descriptive statistics and econometric modelling with data from household surveys in nine rural villages to track labour market changes before, during and after the crisis and then assesses the m...

Working Paper 70

This research project represents the first baseline socioeconomic survey that CDRI has conducted for the Greater Mekong Sub-region Transmission Project of Asian Development Bank. The study was designed to develop a set of comprehensive baseline demographic, social and economic as well as energy consumption indicators for the project. The tools...