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LUN Pide

Working Paper 83

 Households in Cambodia derive their income mainly from non-farm self-employment, salaries and wages, agricultural crops and other activities. On average, non-farm self-employment income amounts to 29 percent of total income, but its share was largest during the oil and food price increases and the global financial crisis that occurred in...

Working Paper 79
LUN Pide   (2013)

This paper studies the role of rural credit in Cambodia during the global financial and economic crisis that began in 2008. The paper briefly reviews rural credit in Cambodia during 2008, analyses rural households’ formal and informal credit demand during the crisis and proposes policy options. The results suggest that household dema...

Working Paper 58

1.       The study examines the characteristics, root causes and challenges of irregular migration from Cambodia and then discusses the regulatory approaches and policy options to manage it. It employed mixed approaches, including a survey of 507 households in six high-migration villages, focus group discussions with returned and intending mig...