PON Dorina

Field-Work Coordinator

Ms Pon Dorina joined CDRI as a research assistant in 1996. She has been the fieldwork coordinator for CDRI since 2012. She has rich experience in supervising fieldwork (both quantitative and qualitative), moderating focus group discussions and taking notes, processing data and generating simple tables from primary household survey data. Currently she is assisting the GMS-Net program. Previously she worked as a government official at the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.

Email : dorina@cdri.org.kh

PON Dorina

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To improve undernutrition challenge, a five-year The Cambodia Nutrition Project (CNP) was formulated with The MOH and the National Committee for Sub-national Democratic Development (NCDDS) of the Ministry of Interior are the implementing agencies. The project brings together global evidence on effective interventions with Cambodia’s priorities to d...

A collaboration with a team of researchers from the University of Ludwig-Maximilians (LMU), Munich to conduct an experimental survey to investigate the impact of persistent memories of violence and the impact of salient memories. The survey is to be conducted in 50 communes in provinces around the Tonle Sap, interviewing 1,500 randomly selected hou...

In close coordination with local governments and organizations, the project will identify gender-sensitive policies and good practices from the macro to micro level that will support the recovery process and improve resilience among vulnerable women workers and micro, small, and medium enterprises. It will facilitate policy dialogue and coordin...

The recent coronavirus pandemic has triggered economic crises in both developing and developed countries. In the case of Cambodia, the number of infections is low relative to other neighbouring ASEAN countries, such as Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia. However, several sectors have been seriously affected by the non-pharmaceutical measures and...

Under the Capacity Building Research and Development Fund of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, United Nation Development Programme, Cambodia and the Russian Federation, the Cambodia Development Resource Institute in collaboration with the Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology (formerly known as the National Institute of Posts, Telecoms...

The project was funded by the United States Agency for International Development in partnership with Mitchell Group, Inc. (TMG). The project was to conduct mid-term evaluation on HARVEST2 project.

CDRI has collected and maintained a panel data of households in rural Cambodia. The work started in 1996-97 when CDRI conducted a benchmark survey of three villages—Prek Khmeng, Babaong and Trapeang Prey. Data collection has been regular (one every three years) surveying 1,183 sample households in 11 rural villages, representing the four geographic...