RAVY Sophearoth

Former Intern

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RAVY Sophearoth

Working Papers 123

To address the problems of skills mismatch, skills gaps and low-skilled labour that is hindering Cambodia’s economic development, the RGC issued the 2017 Internship Policy. Part of a larger endeavour to link providers of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) to private firms, the project aimed to give TVET students real, workbased...

Working Papers 121

University accountability in Cambodia, in both a theoretical and practical context, is ruled by complexity and there is no common understanding of what it means and how it should be assessed. This study examines how accountability in Cambodian universities is oriented towards different accounting constituencies – the government, the market, academ...

Working Papers 120

This qualitative study aims to explore how faculty members at Cambodian universities conceive their academic identities, engage in different types of scholarly roles and perceive the organisation of the academic career system. It offers the following highlights: i). Cambodian academics develop their identities in relation to three forms: disciplina...